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Zhu Yingxue

National Certified Counselor with over 14 years of experience. Specialized in marriage and family, homosexual and sexual psychology

Zhu Yingxue is a National Certified Psychological Counselor and has been engaged in counseling since 2007. After getting certified from Japan Bunka Women’s University, Yingxue participated in various psychological trainings including psychoanalysis and dream interpretation. Currently, she is a consultant for the community and the disabled psychological service hotline of the Civil Affairs Bureau of

Dongcheng District in Beijing for over 12 years now. Her consulting experiences revolve around marriage and family, homosexual and sexual psychology, multinational enterprise consulting and dream analysis.

Zhu Yingxue became a member of China Registered Psychologist Association and Chinese Psychological Society. With her strong qualifications and rich work experience, she was able to hold numerous psychological lectures on different topics in psychological institutions, non-profit organizations, enterprises and institutions, university campuses and other places.

Some of the training courses she offers are sex education, parent-child education, dream interpretation, sex life for couples, and workplace-related consulting.